A concerned citizen from Orlando, Fla., called in the Orange County Bomb Squad after seeing a suspicious object on the road.

The suspicious object in question? A toy pony.

That's right, a child's toy pony. The bomb squad promptly dashed to the scene, inspected the pony and then did the sensible thing: They blew it to kingdom come.

If you've ever wanted to see footage of a small, fluffy animal exploding everywhere, you've come to the right place, you crazy, crazy madman.

The clue that pushed the bomb squadsmen into action was the fact that it had a small number of wires underneath its belly, in a tiny plastic compartment that contained batteries.

"We're just not taking any chances at all. We're just making sure everything is fine," an officer said. Yeah! Why would there be a toy animal there anyway? Well, it's only 100 yards from an elementary school, so ... probably because of that.