There are many short celebrities. But rock stars are supposed to be towering, intimidating figures capable of caving in the skulls of anybody who doesn't throw the horns in the air. In real life, however, some of rock's greatest titans need a little help getting the cookie jar down from the top of the cupboard. The rock gods sure do have a sense of humor!

We've rounded up some of the littlest frontmen in rock (5-foot-6 and under) to prove our point.

7. David Draiman
Disturbed's frontman is definitely down with the sickness ... if that sickness is dwarfism. This tiny demon checks in at 5-foot-6, but is still tough enough that his heavy metal outfit has done everything from playing Ozzfest to recording a theme song for wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

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6. Thom Yorke
When you listen to Radiohead, it feels like there's a tiny, severely depressed man wearing skinny jeans and living in a bare studio apartment located inside your speakers. At 5-foot-5, Yorke's sadness definitely stems from a lifetime of wedgies. Here he is looking particularly filled with Napoleonic rage.
5. Bruce Dickinson
Iron Maiden's brand of metal was fashioned together by demons and lost souls. Frontman Bruce Dickinson has a voice that could shatter the very fabric of the universe. But it's coming from a petite 5-foot-6 frame.
4. Flea
On Oct. 16, 1962, a young Mrs. Balzary gave birth to a little boy who would grow up to be a little man with the ability to make brains bleed with a bass guitar. That 5-foot-6 man is Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
3. Prince
Whether he's making giant, phallic shadows at major sporting events or changing his name to some symbol he created, at 5-foot-2, Prince is a weird, diminutive man. His wee fingers can shred a guitar, though, and he even looks good in a little suit.

2. Angus Young
If you've ever been in a bar fight, chances are an AC/DC song was going off in your brain at the time. At 5-foot-2, guitar player Angus Young is one tiny shredder.
1. Dio
The rock world lost the powerful voice of an ass-kickin' tiny man this year. Housed inside the 5-foot-4-inch frame of Ronnie James Dio was a voice that could make Satan himself pee a little. Ronnie was shoulder-high to a drum kit and as epic as a rock star can be.

So next time you hear something severely rocking, be sure to look down. It might just be a tiny rock icon.