We've told you about the city's slumlord problem and how to find out if you're living in a building owned by one of the city's ten worst landlords. Now, we're pretty sure we've figured out who is actually the worst landlord in the entire city. It was easy really -- she's the one who murdered one of her tenants.

For years Patricia Wilson (pictured) kept a watchful eye on her block in East New York -- she wrangled neighborhood children back to their parents, brought in everybody's trash cans, even helped bathe a neighbor's sick mother. But when her new landlord stopped maintaining the property she lived in, Wilson stopped paying rent.

Unfortunately, the new landlord, Jacqueline Wesley-Rosa, was maybe a little less of a model citizen -- she had prior arrests for assault, menacing and stealing baby formula. And in June, she fired shots at Ms. Wilson's nephew.

Last night she was arrested for fatally shooting Ms. Wilson herself after a dispute. She's been charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Now that's a crappy landlord.