Ines Sainz New York JetsThe New York Jets' whirlwind off-season -- which included lots of "Hard Knocks" cameras and Super Bowl buzz -- ends tonight when they take on the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.

As our friends at With Leather report, the off-season came to a sexy close with allegations from Mexican television reporter Ines Sainz that Jets players and a member of the team's coaching stuff threw footballs at her and called out to her in the locker room as she interviewed Jets' QB Mark Sanchez.

SportsByBrooks recently found a picture of the outfit Sainz wore during the alleged harassment, and it raises at least one question: How did Sainz even get those pants onto her body?

The sartorial choice has caused a few to compare the situation to a female reporter donning a bikini top and expecting a bunch of testosterone-laden men -- trained in barbarism -- not to let loose a few catcalls.

The Jets are taking Sainz's claims seriously enough that team owner, the spectacularly named Woody Johnson, talked to her about them yesterday. (Then again, what red-blooded male wouldn't want to take a meeting with Sainz?)

Does Sainz have a legitimate gripe or does the lady doth protest too much?

Is Ines Sainz Correct to Complain About Catcalls From the Jets?
No -- judging by how she wears her pants, it's another ploy for attention 3524 (78.1%)
Yes -- sexual harassment is never acceptable988 (21.9%)