We're geeks. We take no shame in that. But we're more the Star Wars–loving kind of geek than your super-smart, math-and-science variety. Sure, we're good at puns and think Scrabble is fun. We even get most of the really nerdy jokes in "Futurama." (But not all of them. No, not all of them.)

Sometimes we see things so nerdy we feel sad inside. Like a really nerdy T-shirt. We don't get the jokes, and we're scared to find out what they exactly mean.

Fortunately, John Collins, a man with a doctorate in math and philosophy from none other than Oxford, was willing to lend us a hand in explaining just why the megageeks are laughing behind our backs.

Nerdy shirt in question: "Occam's Razor"
What we think it might mean: The man likes large blades and some sort of math puzzle. This doesn't bode well.
What the actual joke is: "This is Sherlock's Holmes's favorite way of thinking. The principle is that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. I believe it's mentioned in an episode of 'House' if you watch that. Anyway, it's a rule of thumb scientists use, by and large, named after its 13th-century inventor, William of Ockham."

Nope, still don't get it. Keep reading for more nerdy shirts explained.

Nerdy shirt in question: "I Reverse Polish Notation Heart"
What we think it might mean: That the current nerd wearing this T-shirt might be a little bit dyslexic.
What the actual joke is: "Ah, this is a mathematical notation joke. Reverse Polish notation is when you list, say, what numbers you plan on adding together, then finishing with the 'operator' -- the plus symbol. It's a computer-memory-access thing."

Nerdy shirt in question: "Hip, Hip, Array"
What we think it might mean: That the wearer is the exact opposite of "hip."
What the actual joke is: "In computer programming, when you put objects such as this in this way, between two square brackets, and with double inverted commas, that makes it an 'array'. Hence the humor. "

Nerdy shirt in question: "Smarter Than the Average Bear"
What we think it might mean: "Brain" + "E" + "Bear." Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
What the actual joke is: "That big E symbol? That essentially means 'more than the average of,' making it a joke about math and Yogi Bear."

Nerdy shirt in question: "I Overate"
What we think it might mean: 1 over the 8? This guy's drunk? And maybe a bit fat, too?
What the actual joke is: "This one's quite clever, I like this. The square root of -1 is i, also known as the imaginary number. I over 8. I overate. You see?"

Nerdy shirt in question: "Fourier ... Transform!"
What we think it might mean: Not only does this guy love math, he also loves "Transformers."
What the actual joke is: "Ah, yes, the Fourier transformation. This is a mathematical operation that transforms one complex-valued function of a real variable into another. It's difficult to make it clearer than that, but trust me, it's very geeky. "

Nerdy shirt in question: "Johnny's Acid"
What we think it might mean: What did you do to Johnny!?!
What the actual joke is: "A very, very old joke. H2SO4 is sulfuric acid, and H2O is, of course, water. It's a little rhyme that might make some people laugh, but as I say, it's very, very old."

Nerdy shirt in question: "Ferrous Wheel"
What we think it might mean: Literally no idea.
What the actual joke is: "This is a simple ferrous/Ferris pun. 'Ferrous' meaning 'the presence of iron' and 'Ferris,' of course, being the [inventor of the] fairground wheel."