Avoid the Noid, and also Jamal ThomasJust to make things clear, when Jamal Thomas got fired and then went around in his old uniform posing as an employee satisfaction inspector, that was pretty funny. He lost us when he decided to start burning places down.

Thomas, 24, got fired from his job at a Domino's in the Bronx for violating security protocols by forgetting to lock the store's door while he got into a fight in the parking lot. Employees were inside counting money at the time, so that was pretty much the end of his illustrious career as an assistant manager in training. Except for the fact that he kept his uniform and went around to various Domino's saying he was a "member of a secret Domino's unit that measured employee satisfaction." Kind of awesome, right? A little pathetic, but also kind of awesome.

Unfortunately, that was not giving Thomas the satisfaction he craved, so he went to his former place of employment on Aug. 22 and set it on fire by lighting a bunch of pizza boxes. On Sept. 5, he went to another Domino's where he used to work and did the same thing. A person who lived above the restaurant was home at the time of the fire, but escaped unharmed.

After identifying Thomas on surveillance video, authorities tracked him down to his car, where he was sitting with a .357 revolver and a gravity knife. "Domino's is a terrible place to work," he told them. Uh, apparently.