Heidi MontagWe recently brought to your attention a survey of members of the dating website CanDoBetter that found that 64 percent of women and 42 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 25 would make public a sex tape, if it would help advance their careers.

We were a little skeptical of those numbers at the time, warning that they were based on an unscientific sample of only those who had logged onto that particular site.

Our skepticism was confirmed by a study from University of Arkansas, which basically states that any statistics dating websites throw out to the public are junk science skewed for promotional purposes.

Still, we would like to know if we really are raising a generation of Andersons and Kardashians.

So, would you, Asylum reader, let the world see you in the starkest throes of passion, if it would lead to a career advancement? We promise this unscientific survey isn't for promotional purposes -- we just want to get closer to the sexy truth.

If you're having hard time deciding which way to go on this most important of questions, read on for our arguments for and against getting ahead via sex tape.

Would you release a sex tape if it would help you get ahead?
Why not -- it's not like folks would be seeing something they hadn't seen before621 (50.7%)
No way -- some things should remain sacred604 (49.3%)

You Should Probably Buy a Tripod
Having a sex tape out in the open means there is one fewer thing other ambitious, unscrupulous folks can use to blackmail you when they want to get ahead.

It's probably no more degrading than many of the fully clothed acts people are forced to perform to advance their career.

If there is a more devastating comeback to an accusation of still being a virgin than an easy-to-access sex tape starring yourself, we can't think of it.

Watch What You Leave on Your Hard Drive
The camera adds 20 pounds, and it doesn't necessarily distribute the weight evenly to all parts of the anatomy.

The economic statistics inform us that fewer and fewer people have been getting ahead in recent years. Yet, a check of the Internet proves that more and more of the population is going public with their sex tapes. Which suggests the "releasing a sex tape to get ahead" theory is based on a false premise.

The more we encourage sex tapes as a way to achieve fame and fortune, the more likely we are to face the horrifying prospects of a Kathy Griffin or Brandon Davis sex tape.