Tahiticora became an Internet sensation this past April, thanks in part to Asylum. (You're welcome, America). We shared a 90-second video of her playing Xbox in a thong.

Now, an Asylum investigation reveals that the model's Facebook user name is actually her full name -- Tahiti Cora. She is listed on her Model Mayhem page as a 25-year-old from where else but Miami Beach, Fla.

Cora recently vaulted from the depths of viral Web videos to the editorial offices of Strobe magazine for a photo shoot that has us all battling to the death for a copy.

Of course, it's not just her ample posterior that we enjoy: Cora received a B.A. in business management in 2005. Perhaps we could take her out to dinner and pick her brain about our plan to open a Gamestop and erect a giant billboard of her butt to advertise it.

Keep reading for more photos from the Strobe, uh, spread.

Obviously, this magazine must now seriously consider renaming itself Stroke.