Bay Ridge -- looks nice ... smells awful.It turns out Astoria isn't the only neighborhood in the city that occasionally smells like crap -- the residents of Bay Ridge are also plagued with an unbearable stench that wafts around their 'hood.

It seems the metal caps the city has used on the tanks at the Owls Head water treatment plant aren't cutting the mustard, and a horrible odor has infiltrated the neighborhood, forcing residents to close their windows, stay inside and pose holding their noses for the Brooklyn Paper.

The smell disappeared for a while after the new covers were put on the tanks, but now it's back and as bad as ever, achieving a degree of permanence that is less than desirable for residents.

The city has responded by saying there is, in fact, no smell at all. Apparently, "It does not appear that there are currently any odors coming from the plant." Great! Problem solved! Thanks, city officials!