Catering to a set of health-conscious carnivores, 4Food, a new burger joint in midtown Manhattan, promises to use nothing artificial, deep-fried or otherwise unnatural on its menu.

But even the most curmudgeonly of bad angels on your shoulders will give it up for a menu offering not just an exhaustive array of toppings, but also a create-your-own-burger option. On top of that, every time a customer after you orders your unique burger design, you make some cash.

It's like Five Guys, except you get paid to sit on your giant ass while others stuff themselves. Of course, founders Adam Kidron and Michael Shuman aren't interested in leaving you feeling unnecessarily bloated.

Earlier this week, we tiptoed into the recently opened beef purveying hub to try its suspiciously fancy-looking local food. Keep reading to see the beautiful burger creation they call the Mac Daddy, which is piled with barbecue sauce, mac and cheese and other goodies -- but still manages to be a mere 700 calories.

The Mac Daddy meal rings up at just $12, complete with square roots (like French fries, only with four sides and without all that grease) and an unbeatable iced tea (we recommend the White Peach with bubbles). The Mac Daddy itself is built as follows: Start the beef patty, made in-house by a farmer named Bill, who slaughters the cows downstairs (just kidding); stuff mac and cheese into a hole in the middle of the patty; add pancetta and Fontina fontal; and, finally, douse it with homemade barbecue sauce. (You won't need any wimpy ketchup or mayo for this bad boy.)

If you prefer to take meaty matters into your own hands, you can build your very own burger through 4Food's website. Just choose a slider option (beef, lamb, pork, salmon or turkey), condiments and a "scoop" of ingredients, like hard-boiled eggs, chipotle hominy or baked beans to cram into their signature burger hole. Then name your Franken-burger and have your very own baby ready to pick up at the cashier when you arrive.

Better still, when you create an account at 4Food's website, you'll get set up automatically for royalties off your burger idea. Once you name your creation, it goes into a system where it competes for attention on the electronic menu, earning 25 cents for every order, deposited to your Internet account.

We would need at least three more posts to cover everything that's radical (or at least unusual) about 4Food, from the 20-foot-tall LED display that tracks real-time tweets and Foursquare check-ins to the submarine-portals to the kitchen in the downstairs seating area. But you'll have to find all that out for yourself. Don't forget to order the ReadingAsylumMakesYouRich burger, on sale now.