On Tuesday night, "Jeopardy!" contestant Roger Craig set a single-show record, winning $77,000 in his second night on the show.

The previous "Jeopardy!" record-holder, Ken Jennings, went on to win more than $3 million in a 74-episode run, so expect Craig, a 30-year-old PhD student, to have more money than the state of California by Tuesday.

As you may have realized, our threshold for genius is quite low here. Our favorite contestants are the ones who spew obscenities, give seemingly drunken answers and faint on-air.

Keep reading for the videos of Asylum's most beloved "Jeopardy!" disasters.

Brainiac nerd hero Ken Jennings gives the immortal answer: "What's a ho?" The question is, obviously, "The way Ken Jennings will lose his virginity."

This contestant faked a fainting spell after realizing he couldn't possibly win. At least, that's what it looks like to us.

Is "Jeopardy!" live? How else could its producers explain the next video not being edited for broadcast or the fact that this kid muttering the F-word after giving a wrong answer about Natalie Portman (unforgivable, dude) was left unedited. (It's NSFW, obviously.)

The real question here isn't where this guy got the "sending Trebek to another dimension" joke (answer: "What is 'Family Guy'?"), but how he ended up in Final Jeopardy with only $1.

Sometimes the contestants aren't the ones to blame for weird "Jeopardy!" moments. Occasionally Trebek himself loses his famously calm demeanor and tries to become an Internet meme.

Of course, Trebek was the inspiration for Ron Burgundy -- and maybe even Bill "We'll Do It Live!" O'Reilly -- thanks to this basically obscene video of outtakes for a TV ad spot. (NSFW)