Wine culture in France is no longer just about leisurely meals in cute little Parisian cafes. Nope, these days the French are loading up on inexpensive self-service wine, which they pump into bottled water containers from 1,000-liter wine dispensers. Sophisticated!

Five hundred of these industrial-looking machines are now in French supermarkets. And don't worry, American fellow who also wants to get sloshed on cheap vino, the self-service wine dispensers that have taken France by storm will soon be headed for these shores.

As of now, there are in fact a couple ways Americans can get their wine without talking to another human being. Some wine bars feature a machine that dispenses wine by the glass. However, you have to drink what it pours you on the premises. (Lame.) And in Pennsylvania, a wine vending machine, which sells traditional bottles, is currently being tested in two Giant supermarkets. Before you can get yourself a bottle, however, you have to scan your ID and then submit to an annoying breathalyzer test.

Which suggests France is still the superior nation for wine drinkers -- even if (or maybe because) the French are now guzzling the stuff out of Poland Spring bottles.