A very strange thing happened yesterday. Although it hasn't been officially declared, it would seem a tornado struck New York City (especially the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs) yesterday evening, killing one person and seriously effing up a whole bunch of stuff.

At around 5:40 PM, there was a large cracking sound on the street, followed by a bunch of loudly exclaimed expletives.The sky had turned that greenish-yellow tornado color familiar to people from the Great Plains. And then things got real.

The storm unleashed winds that were reportedly up to 100 mph, ripping trees out of the ground, roofs off of buildings, and knocking out power for nearly 40,000 customers.

Big chunks of hail rained down. The thunder and lightning was insane. There were reports of a funnel cloud. Park Slope was totally trashed. And a lady in her car was killed when a tree crashed down on top of it.

The National Weather Service is investigating the rubble today to determine whether or not there was actually a tornado or if there were just freakishly strong winds.

But according to a group of Brooklyn guys who captured video of the storm, "dude, it's a f*ckin' tornado for sure, bro." Watch the video -- and their freak out of double rainbow-sized proportions -- after the jump.