Megan Fox may have been canned from "Transformers 3," but that doesn't mean guys won't show up to whatever underwear demonstration she's starring in next.

Luckily for you, we've found her next piece of "acting": an Internet-only ad for Armani in which Fox's bra and panties should have received top billing.

Let's get the "plot" straight here: A woman opens the door for a room service waiter, her robe open. The waiter's eyes pop out of his head and then he makes a feeble attempt to prepare her breakfast (or whatever meal someone as skinny as Megan Fox actually eats) while she dresses for her big day of washing Michael Bay's car.

Keep reading to see the uncut clip, which is somewhere between a Victoria's Secret ad and the R-rated outtake from her next PG-13 movie.

So in the end, the waiter refuses his tip, his eyes acknowledging they've already been compensated plenty. Nice try, Mrs. Austin Green, but we'd still take the $20 in real life.