This dog's tongue is out. of. control.Gene Simmons has met his match: Puggy the Pekingese. Puggy holds the world record for longest dog tongue (and he doesn't have a terrible reality show plaguing his already dubious reputation).

He does, however, have some awesome, giant-tongued-dog videos on YouTube.

Puggy scored a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with his unquestionably huge tongue, which measures 4.5 inches and practically drags on the ground. Really it would be a shame if there weren't a bunch of videos on the Internet of Puggy eating ice cream, barking at balloons and drinking water. It's incredibly perverse.

Even more enormous dog tongue action after the jump!

Puggy's tongue waves gently in the breeze, like a flag for the Nation of Awesome.

Yes, Puggy can drink water like a normal dog. Sort of. Not really.

Seriously? Where do they find this music? Also, this tongue looks like something out of "The Mask."