The New York Football Giants lost more than just the Manning Bowl Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts. They also lost running back Brandon Jacobs' helmet.

Well, at least, briefly. As our friends at With Leather report, after Jacobs flung his helmet eight rows into the crowd at the RCA Dome, security wrestled it away from the Colts fan who caught it -- before returning the helmet to Jacobs.

Jacobs, hoping to avoid a fine or a suspension, claims that that he was trying to toss his helmet into the bench and it slipped. Since the incident happened during a commercial break, no tape exists (thus far) to confirm or refute this dubious explanation.

But what was caught on tape, was the unidentified man who caught the projectile emphatically expressing his belief that if you pay for a ticket to a football game, you are entitled to any piece of equipment that is tossed in your direction.

What do you think? Should stadium officials have snatched the helmet away from the fan, or is this a case of finders keepers, sore losers weepers?

Should Brandon Jacobs have to get a new helmet?
Yes -- anything that flies into the stands belongs to the fans2977 (85.7%)
Nope -- a helmet isn't a baseball497 (14.3%)