Jessica hates "Twilight." So, right off the bat, we like her. It's pretty rare to find a girl not enamored with sparkly, pretty-boy vampires and werewolves that refuse to wear T-shirts.

But when such oddities do exist, a Hasselblad camera is what you want to capture them with. It's a model made specifically for NASA and was used during the first moon landing. It's high-powered, stylish -- in its own clunky way -- and expensive. The camera pictured costs $35,000. You could probably snap some nice pics of Jessica with it -- if she'll let you.

Which would you rather have?
Jessica -- Hot Ginger1306 (71.6%)
Hasselblad Space Camera -- Better than your cheap little digital camera517 (28.4%)

Keep reading for another photo of Jessica that we can get behind.

Pro: Kinda has a Julianne Moore–meets– Alicia Silverstone thing going on.
Con: Studying for her degree in child psychology, so if you pull anything weird she'll shrink you.
Pro: Laughs at dads driving mini-vans and Nickelback.
Con: Wants to be a trophy wife.

Hasselblad Camera
Pro: Astronaut-approved Swedish camera.
Con: Weird design may turn off your girlfriend when you try to take naughty pictures of her.
Pro: If you get bored of it, you could sell it for a lot of money.
Con: It won't be one of the cameras used in the Apollo space program.