Chipotle mayonnaise. Hot & spicy ketchup. It seems the other two legs of America's classic condiment triad are starting to go the way of mustard, coming in all sorts of exotic flavors.

Before we completely lose touch with what mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard actually taste like, it is important that we identify which of these three meat-enhancers tastes best.

Yes, there are other condiments -- like salsa, which might even be the most popular condiment in the nation. However, in our view, salsa is just a bastardization of ketchup. (Plus, it's not really a condiments unless it is at home in a little squeeze packet.)

Read on for the pros and cons of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. And also for our analysis of the love and hate each gets on Facebook, the arena of record in 2010.

What's the tastiest condiment?
Mustard -- team yellow523 (31.2%)
Mayonnaise -- team white313 (18.7%)
Ketchup -- team red839 (50.1%)

Pro: Since it's such a versatile staple, this condiment was nearly officially declared a vegetable.

Con: It's boring, and its presence often indicates that you're eating a low-quality meal.

Facebook stats: Largest pro-ketchup page has 438,886 fans; largest anti-ketchup page has 32 members.

Pro: Mixes perfectly with many salty foods.

Con: When that sickening mustard water that develops on top of the mustard gets on your food or clothes.

Facebook stats: Largest pro-mustard page has 10,124 fans; largest anti-mustard page has 704 members.

Pro: A mixture of eggs and oil -- what could be bad about that?

Con: Its airy texture and milky color doesn't quite gell with its taste or its function. And if you think about that too much it will trigger your gag reflex.

Facebook stats: Largest pro-mayonnaise page has 4,130 fans. Largest anti-mayonnaise page has a whopping 1,100 members.