Crap floods the canalBrooklyn's Gowanus Canal is a waterway so polluted that the EPA has actually made it a Superfund site. And yet, just when you think it couldn't get any grosser, it does.

After last week's tornado, as after most major rainfalls, something truly disgusting happened: Raw sewage began pouring into the canal.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) for us, somebody living on the canal happened to be recording some of the storm's aftermath when the outpouring of turds began. The water starts out sparkling and blue, but then a wave of brown sludge slowly takes over the canal.

And yes, it smelled bad. For proof, the cameraman recorded two girls running away from the water holding their noses. He laughed, but he stopped laughing when he went down there to experience it himself.

Well, he didn't stop laughing completely, but he did start punctuating the laughter with lots of gagging. So, if the sound of somebody gagging grosses you out, this video is not for you.