You probably don't have much interest in the good old-fashioned pastime of crochet. But crocheter Nikki -- or GoldenJellyBean to her fans on YouTube -- puts a modern twist on the craft by using her hooked needle to stitch sackboys of her favorite video game characters.

And we hope we're not losing any cred when we say this, but they're actually pretty cool.

Nikki's introduction to video games came a few years ago when she started playing "Final Fantasy X," and "fell in love with the characters."

Nikki (who doesn't want to reveal her real last name) expresses that love through her sackboys, which stand between 8 and 9 inches, are intricately detailed and, at this point, are not available for sale.

Read on to see more of Nikki's video-game-inspired crocheted sackboys (like Vivi from "Final Fantasy," pictured left.)

Ico from "Ico"
According to Nikki, "The pattern on Ico's shirt was a bit time-consuming."

Ezio from "Assassins Creed"

Link from "The Legend of Zelda"

Kratos from "God of War"