First, there was "Robocop." Today, there is something even better: RoboCup.

RoboCup is the international robotics soccer competition held once a year. This year, the battle to the metallic death was held in Singapore; next year's slugfest will take place in Istanbul.

This video of two German teams competing in what appear to be miniature jetpacks, got us wondering: What other sports are now being co-opted by unfeeling robots, possibly bent on world takeover?

Keep reading for an awesome (if you like robots) or terrifying (if you believe "Terminator 2" will come true) collection of robots playing sports.

(Warning: Turn down your speakers for the opening of this Robot World Cup video, which is almost deafening.)

It can't hit a home run, but the baseball batting robot can at least bunt better than most Asylum writers.

This robot is autonomous -- meaning, it's not remote controlled. Although this video is of a machine built in 2006, we think this basketball robot recently signed up to play center for the New York Knicks.

This is perhaps our favorite of them all: Robockey, which could be played as either air hockey with robots, or dirty ol' street hockey with robots. Either way, the machines win.