As Chicago news anchor Dorothy Tucker was finishing her report on the local bedbug infestation, it seemed like just another CBS 2 news bulletin. Except that, upon closer examination, in the background you could see one of her colleagues mining away at her nasal cavity ... then eating what she found.

The name of the phantom nasal investigator has not been revealed, presumably because she may have died from embarrassment.

It gets worse. At one point, you can see her looking directly into the camera mid-pick. Even if -- for some reason -- she thought the camera wasn't on, that can't be the best time for a good dig, can it?

Then again, she's in good company. Check below to see the video of the newsroom picker, as well as such distinguished nostril invaders as Barack Obama and George W. Bush hard at work.

Silvio Berlusconi likes coffee with his, um, boogers.

Barack Obama liberally wiggles his finger up there.

George W. Bush didn't really like the game that much. At least not as much as he likes digging for gold.