We'd heard about a bondage item called the Vacuum Bed, which traps S&M lovers in a latex cocoon ... you know, for sex.

Thanks to YouTube (and G4), now we've actually seen the thing. The "bed" closes in around you as the air gets sucked out, leaving only a breathing hole where your mouth should be.

In the end, the bed and subject resemble something akin to a blow-up doll. According to "restrainees," as those who have undergone this torture are called, the experience is similar to sensory deprivation.

Check below for a video demonstration that is bound to make you laugh out loud and cringe in horror at the same time, like seeing your neighbors get it on while wearing diapers. Oh, and answer our favorite question: Is it porn?

By the way, the Vacuum Bed section of LatexWiki (yes, there is a LatexWiki) will answer all your lingering questions. Plus it comes with a very rare bonus on Wikipedia: bold text, which warns "There is serious risk of suffocation and/or death in the event something should go wrong." Hot.

Are vacuum beds porn?
Yes -- it has its origin in the bondage community, which means it must be porn 524 (49.5%)
No -- it looks relaxing and there's nothing porn-y about the bed itself534 (50.5%)