Don't mess with Elmo. He's not just beloved by children and their grown parents who watched "Sesame Street" as kids -- he's a Muppet, and therefore it's basically a crime against humanity to harm him in any way.

An unidentified crazy person was unaware of this, apparently, and assaulted Elmo at a Winter Park, Fla., Guitar Center. Elmo was just coming off of a hard day of entertaining children and constantly speaking in the third person when he decided to head over to the music store and pound on some drums.

The poor soul who makes his living dressing up as Elmo is named Jeramie Trespalacios and, for some reason, he decided to keep his full costume -- including the head piece -- on while shopping. He was only in the Guitar Center for a few minutes when a man came up and slapped his giant left eye for no reason.

Trespalacios told the media he then took off his head piece (and characteristic white gloves) and brought some "Sesame Street" justice down
on the nutbag, eventually shoving him into a glass display, which shattered and cut the crazy guy up to the point of hospitalization.

We can almost picture the assailant crying, "Don't tickle me, bro!"

Keep reading for one of the most ridiculous news reenactment videos we've ever seen, including a point-of-view shot from inside the Elmo costume.