Trey Turner and Kelsey Kramer have two things in common (besides repeat initials): 1) They are madly in love, and 2) were involved in one of the most disastrous marriage proposals we've ever heard of.

Turner took Kramer for a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge last week to propose. When he went for the engagement ring, it slipped from his trembling fingers and fell through a grate.

"When I dropped the ring my initial reaction was just disbelief," Turner tells Asylum. "As we first got to the bridge, I noticed the slats and thought about how the ring would slip right through the different slats. I was being so careful, I didn't understand how it could have happened."

But it happened -- every would-be groom's worst nightmare. (Well, other than "No").

Turner immediately tried to fish the ring out of the slats, but couldn't find it. He gave up and alerted city workers to his predicament while his girlfriend -- not yet fiancee -- held a hand over her mouth in a mixture of horror and excitement at the proposal itself.

Keep reading for more of our interview with Turner, who reveals how he got the ring back in the most roundabout way possible.

Giving up the ghost, Turner went on tour with his band The Icarus Account and let his mother pray that someone would find it. Magically, Doug Reese, a bridge worker for the Department of Transportation, uncovered the jewel on Friday and brought it back to Kramer's apartment, where he ended up being the one to "put a ring on it."

Turner didn't mind that a stranger was the one who ended up giving his fiancee the ring. "Mostly I was just happy that she was getting it back," he says. "I was sad that I wasn't there for it, but I just wanted it to be on Kelsey's finger. The whole process was pretty miserable, so to have the ring in her possession was good enough."

Hopefully, other people learn Turner's lesson, as this isn't the first time something like this has occurred on the Brooklyn Bridge. The New York Post notes that, in 2009, an excited fiance-to-be named Don Walling dropped his engagement ring off the bridge. Luckily, in his case the ring didn't go too far, although he did have to climb down into traffic to retrieve it.