We've seen quite a few close calls, but the clip below of a St. Petersburg man quickly stepping out of harm's way as a minivan and a taxicab drive off the road has to be one of the narrowest escapes we've ever seen.

He's just looking out at the busy main street of Nevsky Prospekt (or Nevsky Avenue) when two vehicles lose control. In less than a second, he skips out of harm's way as the minivan plows into a lamppost and the taxicab practically bounces up against a wall.

And to the nimble man's credit, after dashing away, he quickly runs back to help the two drivers who nearly ended his life.

But that's not all -- we've got another CCTV clip of a similarly hair-raising near-miss, again in Russia, which caught a lady carrying her shopping down the road and, well, you'll have to see it to believe it, to be honest.

Check out both crazy near-misses below.

And here's the other ludicrously close call: