Jessica SImpsonOur friends at With Leather bring us a profane blog post rant from a lady who is sick of her female friends complaining about becoming football widows on fall weekends.

"Let him have football," recommends Krista, on the blog Twinkies & Gin. Then she reminds her fellow females that, if their guy is spending Sundays with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, it's still a lot better than him being involved with "sex with your best friend, gambling, drugs, drag-racing, skydiving or cosplay."

While we happen to think Krista's advice should be required reading for anyone with two X chromosomes, we can't help noticing the growth of another, polar-opposite extreme involving women and football: that of the serious female football fan.

You see them drinking Bloody Marys at sports bars, and one of them might even try to infiltrate your fantasy league.

Is the fact that more and more ladies are embracing football fandom, rather than resenting it, a positive development? Or would it be better if women stopped begrudging us our football, but still spent their fall weekend afternoons doing something else?

Female football fans: positive development or annoyance?
Positive development -- I love a woman in my favorite team's jersey519 (33.3%)
Annoyance -- football time is man time187 (12.0%)
It depends on the girl -- not all women are the same, it turns out851 (54.7%)