Not everyone who graduates from law school is cut out for work at a white-shoe corporate firm. That is a good thing, as there are a lot of regular folks out there in dire need of competent legal representation because they have suffered a personal injury, been accused of drunk driving or need to get a divorce and fast.

Unfortunately, after watching some lawyers' local television ads, we're afraid those seeking competence might be out of luck. Those seeking inane dialogue, explosions, bad rap songs and animated squirrels, however, will really enjoy what these guys have to offer.

Read on to see our 10 favorite hilariously awful lawyer ad fails.

This ad for DivorceEZ is even blunter than the firm's no-nonsense name:

Wait, this a dramatization? You mean they don't really enter court like that?

Even Michael Bay thinks there are too many explosion in this spot:

We'd only feel comfortable with Jack Bernstein taking our case if we could confirm that he successfully sued the tailor who fitted that shirt:

We're getting a weird Meat Loaf vibe off of this one:

Under no circumstance will Barry R. Glasser, Esq., allow an insurance company to urinate on one of his limbs and then claim the offending wetness is actually part of a local weather system:

We'd have never imagined that a 30 second ad for a divorce lawyer in Seattle would end up making us hate all of humanity -- but it did:

If you happen to be an animated squirrel that's suffered a personal injury, the folks at 1-800-Victim2 would like to represent you:

Since being an ambulance chaser with slicked-back hair obviously isn't painting an unsympathetic-enough portrait for Jeff Zarzynski's liking, he also wants you to know that he was a heartless bully as a child:

Just because one could write a rap song about a personal injury lawyer doesn't mean one should write a rap song about a personal injury lawyer: