What's hotter than farm girls? Lara Croft. What's hotter than Lara Croft? Farm girls dressed like Lara Croft. Lucky for us, the Austrian Young Farmers Association put together a calendar for charity that brings us just that.

The girls -- all from farming families -- were picked from hundreds of entries for the calendar, which takes inspiration from women in classic movies, such as Marilyn Monroe in the "The Seven Year Itch," Halle Berry in "Catwoman" and Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction." One model explained, "Just because you're from the country, people think you're a bit backward and unsophisticated. We wanted to show people just how classy we are."

Elisabeth Koestinger, head of the Austrian Young Farmers Association, added, "The sexy young farmers calendar is helping to modernize the image of Austrian farmers." Keep reading for a peek at the other saucy jungbauern "young farmers" they have in store.

Mia Wallace of "Pulp Fiction"


Alex Owens of "Flashdance"

Bond Girl Ursula Andress of "Dr. No"

Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch"