Launching tomorrow will be ControlTV, a new Web series which will allow viewers to control every aspect of 25-year-old Tristan Couvares' life.

For six weeks, 18 hours a day, the Internet viewing public will decide (via votes on ControlTV's website) what Tristan wears, where he works, whom he dates, what he eats and, presumably, if he gets to keep that faux-hawk thing on top of his head.

It's sort of like a crowdsourced "Truman Show," with the most striking differences being that Tristan is aware of what is going on and that he signed up for it voluntarily.

So, yes, Tristan -- and his willingness to entrust his dignity to the cruel whims of the World Wide Web, in the hopes it will net him a sliver of fame -- is probably everything that's wrong with the look-at-me Facebook generation.

But we were actually able to come up with six good reasons why being the main character on ControlTV could be to a young man's benefit.

Read on to check them out.

Would you consider staring on Control TV?
Sure -- my own decisions haven't really been doing me that much good337 (29.6%)
Probably not -- but it could be fun to make decisions for the guy who did348 (30.5%)
Absolutely not -- the whole thing is weird and creepy455 (39.9%)

1. The ever-present cameras render losing your wallet, cell phone or house keys a virtual impossibility.

2. For six weeks, you can legitimately blame all the bad things that happen to you on the world conspiring against you.

3. Since nobody likes to look at ugly people -- and everybody likes sex -- the show's producers will surely spice up your six weeks in front of the cameras with a constant parade of ready and willing hotties.

4. Speaking of which, "Robot Chicken"'s Seth Green is one of the series' producers. He seems like he'd be fun guy to get mellow with.

5. Appearing on ControlTV might increase your chances of being invited onto "Dancing With the Stars." (Well, a "Temptation Island" reboot might be more likely.)

6. If you've reached the point that you think it's a good idea to be the star of ControlTV, you're decision-making process needs all the help it can get.