Oh good, maybe the 2012 elections won't be all stodgy. The Times Square Naked Cowboy is planning to run for president. And he's running as a conservative, regardless of what his hand-painted underpants may have led you to assume about his personal politics.

Last week Robert Burck (aka the Naked Cowboy) put a suit over his fancy drawers and went on CNN, saying, "Obama's going down."

On Oct. 6, he is having an official press conference -- in Times Square, naturally. (Unless it rains, in which case it's going to be at the Village Pourhouse, where there will also be free oysters and beer.) Sadly it's for press members only, so you probably still don't have a reason to go to Times Square ever.

Burck promises to end the Taliban, illegal immigration and "multiculturalism in public institutions," which sounds extra-freedomy and awesome. Also he's going to cut taxes, uphold the second amendment and possibly invent a better mousetrap. OK, maybe not that last one, but really how much can you expect from one man, especially when he typically doesn't even have any pockets to put stuff in?

Keep reading to watch the non-naked Naked Cowboy announce his presidential candidacy on CNN.