Life can serve up some pretty serious conundrums. For example, you may have a burning desire to party long and hard up and down a deserted back alley. But, due to the alley's association with gangs and robbers, you have to put safety first and, sadly, neglect your dreams.

That's where the New Flesh Workshop's party armor, or "wearable gadgetry," comes into play. As the name implies, it's actual protective armor made of thermoplastics and composite materials, which are meant to be worn in a laid-back, casual setting. They're also bulletproof and stab-proof, making your journey down any deserted alley a much safer one.

According to New Flesh Workshop's mastermind Seth Kane, "People generally think our party armor is f**king awesome. It's like carrying a Swiss Army knife, even if you're naked."

One recent commissioned order was for a woman who was prepping for her trip to Burning Man.

"She wanted to be able to run around in a piece of clothing that not only looked cool, but lasted forever," explains Kane. "The piece I made her had a built-in sound system that held her iPod and a spotlight so that she could see stuff at night."

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Kane, who goes by the moniker "Dr. Adventure," has studied biotechnology since he discovered his grandfather had Parkinson's disease at the age of 11.

His team consists of Savino Sguera, Columbia grad and chief product designer/inventor, and Matthew Boardman, a biomedical engineer who helps with research and design. They work together to embed technology into pieces of apparel that any person can comfortably use.

While Party Armor was conceived for people who live extreme lifestyles, such as mountain climbers, scuba divers, motocross riders and street hockey players, Kane says, "It's also for people who want to go out, have fun, be a little showy and still handle any kind of crisis situation."

The New Flesh Workshop also makes fully customizable, stab-proof, thermo-formed chest plates for men and women. You can also splurge on claw rings, multifunctional gauged earrings, wearable camping survival kits, masks and gear that will protect you from the impending apocalypse or, more importantly, the wrath of an ex-girlfriend.

You can check out pictures of their pimped-out prosthetics on the New Flesh Workshop's Flickr page or visit their website for more information.