Do you dream of someday living in a Utopian society where war doesn't exist and everyone is treated equally? Then sit on this guy's face.

Roman Shusterman, a 29-year-old unemployed political activist, has started a "Peace Through Face-Sitting" movement in Manhattan's Union Square, where every day from 2 to 6 p.m. (weather-permitting), he will let you sit on his face -- all in the name of promoting world peace.

Shusterman belongs to the No Police State Coalition, an antiwar group of "humanitarian socialists" who believe in free speech and empowering women through public mustache rides.

"In cultures that repress women, it's rare to find men who let women sit on their faces in private or public," Shusterman tells Asylum. "Subjugation starts on the sexual level."

Keep reading to hear more from Shusterman and watch video of his ass-meets-chin operation.

Shusterman, who also offers free foot and back massages in Union Square, believes his face-sitting campaign will help erase violence because, he says, war doesn't exist among sexually liberal cultures.

"It's also about tolerating expressions of intimacy in public between strangers," he explains. "That would help world peace, because right now, we only tolerate violence between strangers in public."

Of course, this "make love (to his face), not war" crusade isn't possible without the butts perched upon his nose, so Shusterman is seeking some willing face-sitters to help spread his gospel.

All women (except "extremely obese girls") are welcome to turn his head into a chair. And dudes, if you're serious about women's lib, Shusterman says you're welcome, too -- although you have to be a "serious cross-dresser or a transsexual that is feminine."

Sorry, butch guys, guess you'll have to achieve world peace by sitting on someone else's face.