Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Underweight men and overweight women earn considerably less than their counterparts.

Researchers from the University of Florida crunched the numbers on roughly 25,000 workers from the United States and Germany. They found that a man who weighs 25 pounds below the group norm earns $8,437 dollars a year less than a man of average weight. In fact, a man's salary increases consistently as he packs on the pounds, until he tips the scales at an almost-obese 207, the optimal weight for a fellow, salary-wise.

Not surprisingly, weight has the exact opposite effect on female earnings: A woman who weighs 25 pounds below average earns an extra $15,572 dollars a year, whereas one who weighs 25 pounds more earns $13,487 less than a lady of normal weight.

So, it turns out society values chubby men and skinny women. Which is something any regular watcher of sitcoms should have figured out long ago.