The Moscow Diaries has dug up the perfect way to celebrate Russian Prime Minister and de facto dictator Vladimir Putin's birthday.

Bad news: It does not involve copious amounts of Russkie vodka. Good news: A group of sexy journalism-majors-turned-models posed in skimpy outfits for a tribute calendar in Putin's honor.

Moscow State University's journalism program has been the bane of Putin's existence for years, bird-dogging him and calling him out on his possible involvement in murders and other heinous political behavior during his years in power.

This time, however, they're making him look good by honoring him with such fine babushkas, even if those babes are supposedly mocking him.

As Vladimir Tabak, the calendar's creator, told the Diaries, "It's not political ... It's not even campaign season. It's just a beautiful present that any man would like."

Indeed. And knowing Putin, he probably likes them so much, he's ordered them to join him at his harem in Siberia, from which there is no escape.

Keep reading for a series of sexy pics.

By the way, the speech bubbles make inside jokes like "Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are my premier" and "How about a third time?" Who knew Russian girls were so big on talking dirty?