As if there weren't enough weirdos in New York shouting their nonsense in public, now it's being encouraged. In fact, it's art!

The Urban Speaker, a temporary art installation that looks like a traffic sign in Tompkins Square Park, is a phone attached to a loudspeaker from which you can call and broadcast any message or heavy-breathing you want to force upon the public.

Whether you want to get on your political soapbox or you just want to tell someone that you finally figured out how to divide fractions, you can make your announcement by calling 979-997-3041, from 3 to 7 p.m. today.

Media architect and artist Carlos Gomez de Llarena, 35, created the Urban Speaker as part of an ongoing exploration of how "technology, urban environments and social relationships can be designed as a single experience.

"It's a collective art project about self-expression," Gomez tells Asylum. "The purpose is to experiment new uses of public space and have fun."

Later, Gomez says he may publish the top 10 messages on the Urban Speaker site, so this could be your big break (in the realm of anonymous vocal fame)!

Although he doesn't plan to censor, he also says he doesn't want to go to jail for a stranger's opinion, either. So keep it clean and legal, folks. Fart noises, however, are entirely acceptable.