Cops Taser a dude. Looks painful.Next time you say "Don't tase me, bro!" by God, you're going to mean it.

The NYPD is testing a new model of taser that is so powerful it practically makes their old tasers fall to the ground and writhe around uncontrollably.

Apparently the "problem" with the old M26 tasers being used currently (ha ha -- currently!) is that they have a "blunt" pulse. The new X26 model, on the other hand, utilizes a "shaped" pulse.

It also records every time it is used, weighs half as much as the old model and has even greater "incapacitating" power. In fact, it can take down everything ranging from an angry bull to a cartoon character.

How do we know? Well, there's a handy, dandy promotional video that explains the superiority of the X26 -- and is either hilarious or terrifying, depending on how you feel about loads of video of people being tased. It's almost enough to make you think twice before dropping your pants and shaking your junk at the police. Enjoy!