Angered that some of the students in his 11th-grade math class at McGavock High School in Nashville, Tenn., wouldn't stop talking, Donald Wood lost all control of his emotions and sanity.

At first, the class laughed at the 17-year teaching veteran's seemingly unhinged attempts to get them to quiet down. However, things got serious when Wood started throwing tables and chairs, shattering a window and sending his students fleeing to the hall.

Apparently, Wood continued to rant and rave after he'd cleared out his classroom.

So, Wood was handcuffed by school security, placed on a stretcher, and put in an ambulance, having suffered what is being called a "nervous breakdown."

The entire meltdown was caught on one of the student's cell phone camera. Read on to check it out, although we have to warn you the quality of video isn't very good, and Wood's rant may contain Billy Joel song lyrics.