There was a time when the world thought talking genies and cowboys with Jheri curls should only be reserved for the occasional acid flashback. Then a high-pitched fellow in a bow tie came along and broke that antiquated notion, bringing these oddities into the homes of millions of impressionable children.

Just when it seemed that this visionary was lost forever, the legendary Pee-Wee Herman miraculously appears ... fully versed in the ways of social media.

In an effort to promote "The Pee-Wee Herman Show," which is coming to Broadway this month, comedian Paul Reubens toured some of the city's notable locations Thursday, checking in on Foursquare and updating Twitter followers every few minutes.

With an online following of more than half a million people, P.W. attracted fans on his way to Katz's Deli, the Apollo Theater, City Hall and numerous other locations.

Keep reading for more of Pee Wee's tweets and photos from his Big Apple adventure.

For a man who has every reason to be bitter (among other travesties, Tucker Carlson stole his look, the "Mystery Men" sequel was never green-lit), Pee-Wee seemed to be his jovial self.

Tweets like, "After Katz's - how about a friendly game of HORSE at the basketball cage?" or "Still hungry so I'm going to take the subway uptown! Meet there at 2?" were constant, 140-character reminders of his class.

Starting this month, you can catch his 10-week stint at the Stephen Sondheim Theater, where, conveniently, he is not currently banned.

If you don't have the cash to blow on tickets, you can get free Pee Wee entertainment by following him on Twitter.

"A photo of me with some of New York's heroes at Engine 53 Ladder 43!"

"In the meantime ... a photo of me playing H-O-R-S-E!"

"Finally! A Katz's Reuben!"