There's nothing worse than the drudgery of the morning commute, sitting in your car (or on a bus) and looking at the faces of other downtrodden workers.

That's why, on a weekly basis, we ask ourselves, "Where are the jetpacks and flying cars we were told we'd one day use to get to work?"

Well, they could now be a step closer after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration approved a flying car for production.

Before you cancel your bus pass, it's worth noting that the flying car in question is a dune buggy that has a propeller and a big parachute attached at the rear.

The Maverick flying buggy -- which now has a "Special Light Sport Aircraft"-airworthiness certificate -- is said to be a capable off-roader, which has been fitted with a "powered parachute" for flight.

Makers Itec, who envision the buggy being used in remote corners of the globe, say flying the $83,000 device only takes a few hours for the average driver to master. Keep reading to see the Maverick in action.