Ever since Randy Moss's abrupt return to Minnesota Vikings, speculation over what caused the New England Patriots to trade their mercurial wide receiver has been rife.

Our friends at With Leather bring word of the latest and greatest theory: Moss and golden-boy quarterback Tom Brady almost came to blows over their respective grooming habits.

As reported by NFL insider Charley Casserly, days before the surprising trade, Brady had told Moss to trim his thick beard. To which Moss responded that Brady's long hair made him look like a girl, and he should be the one to do the trimming. Teammates then had to separate the two.

We generally avoid gratuitous critiques of our favorite athletes' physical appearances, but, in this case, Moss and Brady have made it relevant: Which All-Pro is more in need of trim?

Worse look -- Tom Brady's Hair or Randy Moss's Beard?
Tom Brady -- Every Tiger Beat cover boy from the '70s wants his hairstyle back1037 (72.0%)
Randy Moss -- Something could live in that beard404 (28.0%)