jenn stergerBy now, you may have heard something about the alleged Brett Favre sex scandal involving penis pictures and seductive voicemails. The married Vikings football star has been keeping a low profile since Deadspin broke the (rumored) story of the QB who tried to seduce 26-year-old Jenn Sterger with texts, MySpace messages, phone calls and, of course, pictures of his surprisingly average dong.

So, who is Jenn Sterger, the hottie at the center of the whole scandal? Well, for one thing, she's a former guest on Asylum's Masterclash. She's also not one to be charmed by a dopey married man and his whining pleas to get her to visit him in a hotel room -- especially since he was basically a total stranger when they met in 2008.

At the time, Favre played some lousy football for the Jets and Sterger was a Gameday Host for the team -- although no one knew exactly what a Gameday Host was, back then or when the story broke. Favre may have noticed her even before then; most of male America had, due to her appearances in Maxim and Playboy, for which she unfortunately remained clothed.

Keep reading for more info and photos of Sterger, plus the video of her Asylum debut (at the 25:27 mark).

Masterclash Sports Fandom

She's also responsible for a classic case of female ogling in sports television. Sterger appeared in the stands at a 2005 Florida State football game, prompting announcer Brent Musburger to joke that "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State."

The Favre scandal hasn't hurt her career at all -- she's out with a new sports show called "The Daily Line," which is attempting to steal the horny-male viewership from ESPN's "SportsCenter." Before long, she'll be able to sell some "tasteful" nudes to Vanity Fair for millions.

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