We don't want to lump all people who have rats as pets into the "crazy rat people" category, but if Dianne Rochenski is a fair representation, then, great googly moogly, these people are nuts.

She was willing to go on-camera for the Daily News and profess her love of rats, one of which she named after Jesus Christ. The video shows a couple of rats scampering around, hiding and eating in her bed.

Then it gets weird: She pulls out the corpse of her beloved, deceased pet rat Reggie and begins stroking it. Reggie's been dead for a month and is just hanging out until Dianne can get Upstate and give him a proper Christian burial in the tiny rat cemetery.

Oh, and she notes that his hands are posed in prayer and that she smeared blueberry yogurt all over his mouth because it was his favorite. For real. Crazy rat lady. Check it out after the jump.