Here's a question for you: During a live TV show, when do the people in the audience go to the toilet?

Well, you could follow this intrepid Dutchman's lead and just stand up, raise your hand (like a good little boy) and ask the people in front of the camera, "Waar is het toilet precies?"

That's right, in front of the camera, just when they were recording "Pauw & Witteman," a late-night current affairs show. Not behind the camera. No, sir, that would be boring and easy. It's your 15 seconds of fame, young man, reach out and grab it!

UPDATE: It turns out that the man in question, Barry Creemer, was carrying out this toilet-based query as a stunt. Hijinks at the Maastricht Hotel Management School (really?) now involve live TV blunders it seems. These kids, eh?

Still, very impressive. So, to sum up, this clip below is horrifically embarrassing. And in Dutch. Sorry about that.