What do nerds dream about? A night on the town with Tony Stark? Saving mankind from extinction alongside Master Chief? Or riding shotgun in a Y-wing starfighter during a Rebel attack? Well, if you sleep in a Y-wing bed suspended 10 feet off the ground, chances are it's the last one -- especially if the bed is outfitted with Star Wars sheets.

We've found nine more beds perfect for geeks. Which would you choose, if it didn't mean your significant other sleeping on the couch? (And if you find a girl who is into getting one of these creations for your shared bedroom, we've got three words for you: Lock. It. Down.)

1. AT-AT Bunk
This is any Star Wars fan's childhood dream. Unfortunately, the towering AT-AT walker façade would only inflame the common bunk bed fight over who gets top and who gets bottom: The 2nd level not only puts you inside the walker, but features a LEGO re-creation of the famous Hoth battle.

2. Pac-Man
This one isn't technically listed as a Pac-Man bed (or even inspired by the popular game), but it's close enough to the yellow ghost-eater's visage for us. There is no "Ms." version -- something that could also be said for your marital future if you sleep in this monstrosity. And if you want to get surreal, eat a bowl of cherries whilst lounging in it.

3. Shark

No one will blame you for thinking Discovery's "Shark Week" is awesome -- it is. But sleeping on a rickety bed resting atop a frightening re-creation of a great white shark that makes Jaws look like a guppy? That's taking shark love to a whole other level.

Modeled off one of Nintendo's most beloved consoles, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, this bed screams nerd -- and ensures no screaming will be coming from anyone laying on it. Because no one will sleep in it with you. Because it looks like a video game console. (At least it has iPod docks and a speaker system.)

5. Millennium Falcon

We're sure Kayla Kromer gets plenty of marriage proposals for crafting this highly detailed re-creation of the most famous starship ever. Oh, and the Leia cosplay probably helps, too. This is the closest thing Star Wars fanboys will ever get to seeing Leia in bed, unless they have a really cool and open-minded girlfriend. And if that's the case, send us pics, please.

6. Napshell

This contraption is the perfect place to snooze for sci-fi nerds who can't wait for future advancements in sleep technology, like cryo-sleep pods. The Napshell has a weird design, but that's how everything will be in the future, right? Or maybe we've been watching too much "Stargate Universe."

7) Dinosaur
Perfect if you're a 10-year-old Jurassic enthusiast, or have some sort of vore fetish. Either way this one is a dream come true, though it's unclear if the mouth actually closes.

8) Star Trek Coffin

You don't need to sport a red shirt to sleep in this casket bed. Sure, it might creep out your friends and family, but Trekkies are used to that by now.

9) Computer
There's a saying about not sh**ting where you eat, but no one said you can't work where you sleep. Or have sex where you look at pictures of sex on the Internet. This multipurpose bed transforms into a home workspace without the need to rearrange your entire setup.

10) Jet Engine
Having sex on it won't technically get you into the Mile High Club, but this bed -- which includes a piece of an actual 747 jet liner -- is arguably safer and easier to sleep in.