Lady wants leg room.If it's been way too long since you've had to sit for hours on a tarmac waiting for your plane to take off, good news! JetBlue is taking to the streets to annoy people who aren't even passengers on their airline.

For a new series of advertisements, JetBlue decided to harass random people in cabs, on the street and in elevators, which is awesome because if there's one thing people love more than air travel and the many joys that come with it, it's being pranked on-camera for a commercial.

Fortunately for them, JetBlue took to the streets of NYC, so they got plenty of angry reactions for their ad campaign. Fortunately for us, it is hilarious when people get angry because somebody is pulling a prank on them. Find out how funny it truly is after the jump.

The lady in this video says she's never been treated this way by a cabbie? Obviously she's never tried to take a cab to Brooklyn.

Grown-ups get upset when you take away their soda.