We recently noticed a story about 92-year-old Hebert Johnson, who was banned from the public library in Stuart, Fla., because he wouldn't stop harassing the librarians via lewd notes and unwanted sexual advances.

Even though there shouldn't be anything funny about sexual harassment, Johnson's behavior cracked us up. And, judging from the other reactions to the local NBC affiliate's story on Johnson's antics, we weren't the only ones who were laughing.

There is an age -- probably about 85 -- where a person's antisocial behavior and/or criminal misdemeanors cease to be a nuisance requiring condemnation and, instead, turn into a great punch line.

Or do we just think this because we've never been on the receiving end of a geriatric behaving badly?

What do you think? Should the elderly be allowed to break some of the rules? Read on for some arguments for and against letting the geezers run wild.

Should folks over 85 be excused for poor behavior and the odd minor crime?
Yes -- If you live long enough, some of the rules stop applying to you709 (61.0%)
No -- the rules apply to everyone453 (39.0%)

Give the Elderly a Pass
If antisocial behavior becomes associated with senior citizens, maybe it will fall out of vogue with the young people -- kind of like how high-fiber oatmeal is currently avoided by the juvenile-delinquent set.

Many of these geezers were forced to spend their childhoods walking three miles to school in the snow (uphill both ways, of course) -- and without an iPhone to keep them distracted on their journey! Allowing them to spend their twilight years engaging in a bit of shoplifting and sexual harassment is the least we can do.

If old people are out committing crimes, they aren't in front of you in line at the drug store, arguing with the checkout girl about coupons and failing to understand the credit card machine.

Hold the Geezers Accountable
Every year America's population is getting older and older, so if we give our geriatrics a pass on poor behavior, things could quickly get out of control.

A permissive attitude toward the elderly, mixed with the proliferation of Viagra, could lead to horrifying public orgies that you will never be able to unsee.

Come on, it's bad enough we still let them drive.