jessica pareWith Christina Hendricks, January Jones and Elisabeth Moss running around, it takes a special kind of female to lock down a Mad Man like Don Draper. What it takes, apparently, is Jessica Paré, who plays Draper's secretary and newly confirmed fiancee.

Paré's character Megan is one sneaky little scene-stealer, as evidenced by the last half of "Mad Men"'s dramatic fourth season, which saw Don defying societal norms to become engaged to his secretary in last Sunday's finale. But who is this mysterious young lady, who seemed to come out of nowhere in the season's last couple of episodes to steal Draper's cold, whiskey-stained heart?

Paré isn't a stranger to audiences of films like "Wicker Park," "Stuck" and "Hot Tub Time Machine." But, she's even better known to TV viewers as Courtney Benedict on "Jack & Bobby." She is also Canada's long-running indie-film "It Girl," following her appearance in some long-forgotten Dan Aykroyd movie.

Best of all is her comment to AMC's "Mad Men" blog about her bedroom scene with Jon Hamm: "The scene we did when we're both in bed -- that really intimate scene before he leaves [my hotel room] -- was my favorite scene to shoot in the whole season. Or maybe in my life. It's just so beautifully constructed and so intimate and warm."

Stop turning us on, Jessica.

Sadly for all of us, Paré has been married for several years to a guy with the very exciting name of Joe Smith. Keep reading to see some sexy photos of Paré and learn why we wish Mr. Smith went to Washington -- or just the hell away from our future ex-girlfriend.

jessica pare

Jessica and Piper Perabo in "Lost and Delirious":
jessica pare, piper perabo

Jessica and Craig Robinson in "Hot Tub Time Machine"
jessica pare topless

Jessica as "Mad Men"'s Megan
jessica pare mad menjessica pare, mad menjessica pare, mad menjessica pare, mad men