Jimmy McMillan, Rent is Too Damn High PartyDuring last night's New York gubernatorial debate, seven candidates faced off on tough issues, like taxes, social programs and, according to the awesomely mustachioed Jimmy McMillan, the fact that rent is just too damn high.

In fact, McMillan's entire platform is based on New Yorkers' rent and how it is too damn high. He belongs to the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, and he's all over the news circuit, arguing that rent is too damn high. But seriously, he's got a point.

He also supports gay marriage, saying, "If you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you." (As long as your rent isn't too damn high.)

Not to be outdone by McMillan and his black gloves, the other stand-out candidate was former hooker-wrangler Kristin Davis, who we've dutifully followed on the campaign trail. During the debate, the ex-madam claimed her escort service ran better than the MTA. (We would agree.)

Check below for some video highlights, wherein Jimmy McMillan discusses his thoughts on rent being too damn high, Kristin Davis makes a Carl Paladino-in-a-gay-bar joke and five other candidates (including presumptive winner, Democrat Andrew Cuomo) get the shaft for being totally boring.