Most people enjoy physical activity, and this week features two distinctly different excuses to move.

If Houston native MC weren't already hooked up, we'd seriously consider ditching the increasingly cold East Coast for some steamy Texas thrills.

Sony's new Move controller for the PlayStation 3 may sport a funny-looking, light-up ping-pong ball for a top, but getting fit while playing video games is the best of both worlds. Now, if there were a video of MC playing a game with the Move we could potentially have 2010's version of the Wii Fit girl. But it just came out. Let's give it a few weeks.
Which would you rather have?
MC -- Frisky financial analyst450 (82.1%)
PlayStation Move -- Have fun jumping around the living room98 (17.9%)

Keep reading for MC getting some R&R, plus the pros and cons.

Pro: Alleges she's a great "pivot" -- the female version of a "wingman"
Con: It would be tough to hit on other women with MC at your side
Pro: Loves to party
Con: Dealing with the constant hangovers

PlayStation Move
Pro: It's like playing Nintendo Wii games in high-definition
Con: It's like playing Nintendo Wii games in high-definition
Pro: Good way to get a girl like MC to hold a controller
Con: She may not want to put it down